What do you get when you combine burlesque dancers, comedians, and the most popular book series and television show of the decade?  Burlesque is Coming.

  In 2014, producers Moxie LaBouche and Bella La Blanc assembled and toured this burlesque tribute show throughout the mid-Atlantic.  Their stellar cast delighted packed houses of hard-core fans as well as people who had never been to burlesque or knew the source material.  The plan for 2015 was to go bigger - more dates in more cities, with even more amazing acts.  Even the poster got better.  

  Then, at a con in Seattle, Bella performed her Cersei and Melissandra acts in front of author George R.R. Martin himself.  He insisted on speaking to her afterwards, where he personally, officially blessed our tour.  Not only that, he’s invited us to the theater he owns in his hometown of Santa Fe, where we’ll be doing two nights.  This is the arguably the biggest nerd cred a person could hope for.